The Signs of Allah

Sayyidah Hajra is a true heroine of Islam. Makkah was once a desolate spot in the Arabian desert. This heroine lady of Islam settled here and through her settlement, Holy Makkah grew in population to become the metropolis it is today. Inthis article, learn about remembering Sayyidah Hajra andthe Signs of Allah.

alKa’aba, The First House of Allah Ta’aala

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم alKa'ba The First House of Allah The Holy Ka'aba is the focus of two pillars of Islam viz. Salat and Hajj. This makes the entire Ummah to be focused daily in Salat towards the Kaaba. And during the Hajj there is a massive journey to the Kaaba, by the believers. These... Continue Reading →

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