Ramadhaan 2020 – Day 6

Day 6

بِسْم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The month of #Ramadaan guides you towards fulfilling your Duties

In the 6th Juz/Para of the #Quran, Surah Mai’dah begins with a very appropriate message. Allah ﷻ instructs the Believers to fulfill their ‘uqood . Since this is a command from #Allah ﷻ we have to implement it in our lives.

Hadrath Abdulla Ibn ‘Abbas رضي الله عنهما said that ’Uqood is fulfilling promise and duty with regards to what ever Allah ﷻ has made Halaal, Haraam, what has been made Fard (compulsory) and what limits (and regulations) have been given in the Quran. – Imam Ibn Jareer, Imam Baihaqi, Imam Ibn Hatim.

The month of #Ramadan helps us to inculcate these qualities in our life. We take extra care in performing our Halal duties like Salah, Zakaat, #fasting and we restrain ourselves from the Haraam activities. Therefore we shouldn’t regard the month of #Ramadhaan as a difficulty or as an obstruction to your usual life. Its like how you work hard at school and university to try for a better job. Its difficult and hard work and you need to make lots of sacrifices. Soccer stars may have the talent but they need to practice and work hard to be on top of their game.

We as Muslims have to realize that our goal our ambition is to gain closeness to Allah ﷻ so we have to work hard at it. Make the sacrifices and In Sha Allah, Allah ﷻ will lead us.

On these journeys towards success and stardom sometimes you need a partner to help you and encourage you when you slacking off or loosing sight of your goal. In the next ayah Allah ﷻ says that

…and all of you must help one another in good deeds and Taqwa… – Surah Maida ayah 2.

During this month of Ramadaan and period of lockdown we must help and encourage one another to increase our #Ibadat. Since access to the Masajid are restricted its easy to become lazy in performing Salah and Taraweeh.

May Allah ﷻ guide us towards fulfilling our Islamic duties. Ameen

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