Ramadhaan 2020 – Day 2

Day 2

بِسْم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Excellence of the Month of Ramadaan

In the second Juz/Para Allah Taa’la tells us that the Holy #Quran was sent down during the month of #Ramadaan – Surah Baqara v185

The month of #Ramadan is the only month mentioned by name in the Holy Quran. By #Allah Taa’la saying this it should make us aware that it is an important and sanctified month.

The Holy #Prophet ﷺ told the #Sahaba (radiAllahu anhum) that when one Ramadaan ends, preparations begin for decorating #Jannah for the next Ramadaan. This goes to show what an auspicious and glorious month it is.

The Holy Prophet ﷺ said that that my Umma has been given five things in Ramadan which no other Ummah has received;

– When the first night of Ramadhaan comes then Allah Ta’ala Looks at my Ummah with such Rahmah that they will not be punished,

– Allah Ta’ala regards the bad breath of a fasting, at the time of iftaar as more fragrant than musk,

– The angels make Istigfaar for the fasting person every morning and evening,

– Allah Ta’ala commands Jannah to beautify itself because some of His Servants will come to Jannah during this month (because of their death), and

– On the last night Allah Ta’ala forgives all (who were fasting). – Baihaqi.

When the month of Ramadaan came the Rasullullah ﷺ said that the month of Barakah has come. Allah Ta’ala has covered you with His Rahmah in this month, Rahmah will descend and sins will be forgiven and Duas will be accepted. Those who don’t gain Allah Ta’ala’s Rahmah in this month are certainly unfortunate and a loser. – Durre Manthur.

May Allah Ta’ala shower His Rahmah during this month of Ramadan and may we gain its full blessing.

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