alKa’aba, The First House of Allah Ta’aala

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

alKa’ba The First House of Allah

The Holy Ka’aba is the focus of two pillars of Islam viz. Salat and Hajj. This makes the entire Ummah to be focused daily in Salat towards the Kaaba. And during the Hajj there is a massive journey to the Kaaba, by the believers. These two points show the very key nature of the Kaaba in the Ibadat of the believers.
However at first the Holy Prophet SallAllahu Alayhi Wasallam, was commanded to face Musjid-ul-Aqsa as the Qibla during Salat. But the Holy Prophet SallAllahu Alayhi Wasallam loved the city of Makka and said before Hijrat, ‘O Makka! I would not leave you if my fellow kinsmen were not oppressing me so much.’ -Mishkaat- And he SallAllahu Alayhi Wasallam always cherished the city and he wished for the Qibla to be changed to the Kaaba. Allah Taíala revealed the ayah:
We are seeing you looking at the skies, certainly We would turn you to the Qibla you desire. -Quran2:144-
So the Qibla was changed as the Prophet SallAllahu Alayhi Wasallam had wished, to the Kaíaba. This upset the Jews because Musjid-ul-Aqsa was their Qibla and they said that it was more esteemed than the Kaaba. Also many Ambiya Alayhimus Salaam (of the Bani Israeel) are buried there like Hadrat Sulaiman Alayhis Salaam . Then Allah Taala revealed the ayah:
Without doubt it is the first house of Allah to be established for His Ibadat, It is blessed and it is a guide for the worlds. In it are open(clear) signs and the standing place of Ibraheem; whoever has entered there is safe and for the sake of Allah people should make Hajj of this house of those who have the means, and those who oppose it Allah is Independent of all the worlds. -Quran 3:96,97-
The ayah clearly shows the status of the Holy Kaaba being the first house of Allah’s ibadat and its surrounding being sanctified. The surrounding are so blessed that it is narrated in Ihya that every night Allah ‘looks’ to the earth. The first place He looks at is the people of the Haram (Makka).
With His Rahmah focussed on the people in the Haram, He forgives those making Tawaaf; those praying Salat and those just sitting at the Kaaba. This clearly illustrates the blessing and sanctity of the Haram and Kaíaba since by just sitting there all your sins are forgiven.
With regards to those who enter it being safe, Nabi-e-Kareem SallAllahu Alayhi Wasallam told the people not to break any branches of trees or hunt any animals in the Haram. -Mishkaat- Since the ayah says that it was the first House of Allah the question arises about when was the Kaaba built?
When Allah told the Angels that He was going to send His creations to earth as his Khalifa

And recall when your Lord said to the Angels, I am about to place a vice-generate in the earth, they said, will You place such who will spread disorder and shed blood’? And We praise You commending You and sanctify You; He told ‘I know what you know not’. -Quran 2:30-
The angels said that these creations will commit sin and disobey Allah on earth. These comments resulted in Allah showing His Displeasure. The angels then began to make Tawaaf the Arsh of Allah as an act of repentance. This act pleased Allah and He ordered the angels to construct a ‘House of Allah’ on earth so that My servants may come there and gain My forgiveness. They can make the Tawaaf of the Kaíaba just as the angels made Tawaaf of the Arsh and My servents can earn My Blessings just as the angels did. -Tafseer Roohul Bayaan-
It is narrated from Hadrath Abdullah ibn Abbaas Radi Allahu Anhu that Allah sent Wahi to Hadrath Adam Alayhis Salaam to construct a ‘House of Allah’ of which people can make Tawaaf and make the Zikr of Allah just as how the angels do at the Arsh. Hadrath Adam Alayhis Salaam constructed the Kaaba with stones of five different mountains:

  1.  Mount Sinai,
  2.  Mount Zaitoon,
  3.  Mount Lebanon,
  4.  Mount Jodi, and
  5.  The cave of Heera for its foundation.

Allah Ta’aala sent Hadrath Jibraeel Alayhis Salaam with a stone from Jannah, to be used in the construction of the Kaaba, which was later named the Hajr-e-Aswad. After the Ka’aba was constructed, Hadrath Adam Alayhis Salaam and his children began performing Tawaaf and performing Ibadat around the Kaaba until the flood of Hadrath Nuh Alayhis Salaam, occurred. When the flood began Allah ordered Hadrath Jibraeel Alayhis Salaam to place the Hajr-e-Aswad in Jabal Qubais (a mountain near the Kaíaba).
There is a difference of opinion about what happened to the Kaaba during the flood. Some say that the Kaaba was destroyed. Another narration says that Allah lifted the Kaaba to the sixth Heaven. -Tareek Tabari and Roohul Bayaan-
Then after many years Allah instructed Hadrath Ibraheem Alayhis Salaam to construct the Kaíaba. Hadrath Ibraheem Alayhis Salaam did not know where to construct the Kaaba. It is narrated from Hadrath Ali Radi Allahu Anhu that Allah sent a ‘cloud’ to guide him. Hadrath Ibraheem Alayhis Salaam left Syria and walked to Makka. Hadrath ibn Abbas Radi Allahu anhu narrates that Hadrat Ibraheem Alayhis Salaam found Hadrat Ismail Alayhis Salaam seated by the well of ZamZam. He told Hadrath Ismail Alayhis Salaam, that Allah had instructed him to build the Kaaba. Hadrat Ismail Alayhis Salaam replied ‘I am with you,’ and they began building the Kaaba. Hadrath Ismail Alayhis Salaam would pass the stone to Hadrath Ibraheem Alayhis Salaam, who would lay it. As both of them were constructing the Kaaba they would read the following dua which is recorded in the Quran:
Our Rabb accept this service from us, verily You are All Hearing and All Knowing. -Quran 2:127-
As the construction progressed Hadrath Ibraheem Alayhis Salaam stood on a stone so he could reach higher up. This stone’s position is called Maqam-e-Ibraheem. -Tareek Tabari- A gap was found in the wall of the Kaaba and Hadrath Ibraheem Alayhis Salaam , heard the Mount Abu Qubays call out the stone is by me. The Hajr-e-Aswad that Hadrath Jibraeel Alayhis Salaam had hidden before the flood was now placed at the corner of the Kaíaba. Thereafter the Kaaba was renovated seven times due to damage by weather etc. – Roohul Bayaan-
On the Day of Reckoning, where most people will be in sweltering and swimming in their own sweat, the Holy Kaaba will intercede for those believers who visited it. On the Day of Qiyamat, Allah will send 700 000 angels with chains made of gold to bring the Kaaba to the maidaan-e-mahshar. The holy Kaaba will say ‘I will not move until my requests are fulfilled. A voice will be heard from the unseen saying ,’Ask for what you want.’ The Kaaba will ask,’ O Allah will you accept my intercession for the believers who are buried next to me (i.e. in Jannatul Mala)?’ Allah will reply,’ I have accepted your request.’ The believers will arise from their graves with their faces shining.
The Angels will then try to draw the Kaíaba once again. The Kaíaba will say, ‘I will not move until my request is granted.’ A voice from the unseen will say, ‘Ask for what you desire.’ The Kaaba will say, ‘O Allah, your sinful servants left their families and travelled to visit me from great distances. They followed Your instructions and performed Hajj. I intercede for them to be forgiven and be put around me.’ One Angel will say, ‘From amongst them some performed Hajj and returned to their sinful ways and are now destined for Jahanum.’ The Kaaba will once again plead for their forgiveness. Allah Ta’aala will reply, ‘ We have accepted your pleas for them.’ An angel will then call out, ‘All those that have visited the Kaaba be separated from the Jahanamis.’ They will surround the Kaíaba and their faces will be shining and the fear of going into Jahanum will be removed from their faces. The Angels will draw the Kaaba with the golden chains into Mahshar while the people surrounding it are reciting ‘Labaik Allahum Labaik….’ -Ar Roudul Faiq-
As believers we are very fortunate to be blessed with Ka’aba which affords us the opportunity to redeem ourselves and to gain nearness to Allah. Therefore to gain salvation from the fire of Jahanum we must make a concerted effort to visit the Holy Kaaba make its Tawaaf. This has been the ways of our pious leaders like Imam Abu Hanifa Radi Allahu Anhu who made Hajj 55 times. So we should take a lesson from them and sincerely make an intention to perform Hajj and Umrah as often as possible.

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